Blue Agapanthus

On a greyish day, driving from Tai Tapu to Diamond Harbour, I saw this bay, with Agapanthus flowering in the bushes in the foreground.The blue of the Agapanthus was the same as blue of the sky, where it wasn’t cloudy. The blues and greens of water and flowers complemented the duller  browns and greens on the hills and formed a diagonal. I found the view beautiful. I’ve  tried to portray it here.

Watercolour 16.5 by 23.5cm

Maples and hydrangeas in Hagley Park

On a nice day, walking in Hagley Park, I saw hydrangeas flowering in front of beautiful maple trees with a dark pine in the background. The richness of the colours appealed to me. As I had been given new watercolour paper, Fabriano 300grams rough, I played around with that, with this result.

Watercolour, 18 by 24cm

On walks in Upper Hutt area

On walks in Upper Hutt area, I had the chance to sit down and do some sketching. Now home I threw some watercolour washes on. The sketches were made on different days in different areas, but both hilly. Both a combination of more natural and more cultivated areas.

Pen and watercolour wash, 14.5 by 10 cm

Merry Christmas

Kaiapoi River

Standing on a footbridge over the Kaiapoi River I saw this view. The different greens in the trees, shrubs, plants and water, with the diagonal lines made by the water and trees, caught my attention.

Sketch: pencil and wash on Bockingford cartridge paper, 9.5 by 15cm

Flax along the Heathcote

Walking along the Heathcote river I saw a tall purple flax. Further on were green flaxes, big and small, and lots of other water-loving plants. I liked the diagonals, horizontals and verticals made by the trees, their limbs, and the flax leaves.

Watercolour, 14 by 18cm

From Governor’s Bay

On an outing to Governor’s Bay, I saw this view. The weather was very changeable, sometimes dark clouds, sometimes much brighter.  Here two impressions of that afternoon.
Watercolour, 14 by 20cm