Avon River

I now live quite close to the Avon River and often walk along it. I painted an area of the river and some of the plants that grow on its banks. The colours in the water and the shadows of the trees reflecting in the water make the walk different every time.

Watercolour, 26 by 35cm


Impression of Banks Peninsula

I had the chance to go on a minibus trip to Banks Peninsula. Thinking back to that day I drew and painted this impression of the hills on a glorious day: the forms and colours, the glimpses of erosion areas and patches of gorse, the grasses, bush and stoney areas, the shadows and the sunshine. A lovely day.

Pen and wash, 20 by 28cm

Azaleas in Botanical Gardens

I sat in the botanical gardens looking at some flowering azaleas and other shrubs, enjoying the atmosphere, colours, scents and bird song.  I made a quick pen sketch and at home put a wash on it with some new watercolour I was given.

Pen and wash, 12 by 17cm


Close to our new place a gorgeous Rhododendron is flowering.  I had to have a piece and painted it at home, a quick water colour.  I tried to get the impression of the exuberance of colour of the flowers in the sun.

Water colour, 19 by 22cm


I saw a window, where a part of it had changing shadows. I played around with some of the lines and forms and added colours.  More playing might follow!
Water colour pencils, 14 by 19.5cm

View from Brighton pier

I was standing on New Brighton pier looking out towards Sumner. The sun shone on the sea. The different
bands of colour in the water intrigued me: where the sand shone through the colour changed and on the
beach was lots of white from the waves. I did a pen sketch at the pier and added the wash at home.

Pen and wash, 16 by 12cm

View of the hills from my window #1

Outside our window I can see the hills. In the evening when the shadows lengthen I can see these on the hills over the roofs. I’ve tried to capture some of it but will have to have many goes I think.

Sketch pen and wash, 8 by 20cm