Memory Lane

I came across this painting while sorting out a cupboard; a moment in time from a long while ago!

Acrylic on Board, 30 by 40cm


Winter Rose (Helleborus)

Mid-winter and the winter roses are flowering. I picked a few for a vase and sketched them, then put on some water colour.

Watercolour, 15.5 by 19.5cm



I experimented with incorporating the colours in the hand-made paper into the painting of a flowering succulent.

Watercolour on hand-made paper, 27 by 19cm


I was given an orchid stem and experimented with it. I had made some paper and wanted to try to use it for painting. It was an interesting experience!

Watercolour on hand-made paper, 15 by 20cm

Apple, Pears and Shells

I liked how the colours of the apple, pears, shells and paper harmonised. I kept them in a circle as a pattern and drew them through each other. Then I worked them up with graphitint and pastel pencils, and outlined them with a pen.

Pencils and pen on coloured paper, 17 by 21cm

Apple and Shells

A pencil and pen study of an apple and some shells. I kept the drawing as simple as possible. The red of the apple with the slight pink blush in the shells attracted me. I drew them in pencil, then used graphitint pencils, and outlined with a pen.

Pencils and pen study, 11 by 16 cm


I played with forms, colours and patterns, trying to repeat each through the picture until I thought it made a coherent whole.

Water colour, inktense pencils and pen, 14.5 by 19.5cm