When walking in the park on a sunny, wintery day, I came across a pond in the New Zealand garden. The sun was on a cabbage tree on the other side of the pond, highlighting the tree trunk and some nearby reeds and grasses. 

The reflections in the water, the opposites of pines and natives, light and shadow, caught my eye . This is my impression of that day.

Watercolour, 17.5 by 25cm



One evening in July it had been a crisp, still winter day and when I looked out of the window in the early evening the sun was just setting behind the houses opposite. The roofs and trees around were backlit by the setting sun for some beautiful few minutes. The sky was glorious. The lamp light was glowing.

This is my memory of that evening.

Watercolour, 19 by 14.5cm


One day driving around Lyttleton Harbour, I looked across the bay and saw dark clouds arriving over the hills, which were still in the sun . The contrast between the clouds and the sun on the hills caught my eye.

Watercolour, 25 by 7.5cm

Last of the summer roses

The weather was changing, winter on our doorstep, the last of the roses were still blooming. I picked a small bunch before the rain and wind got to them and put them in a vase. Then decided to paint them, to remember them through winter, till the spring arrives.

Watercolour, 16 by 22cm


When walking in Hagley Park I saw a rosebush in autumn mode. It had lost its leaves but was covered in rosehips. Some of the trees behind it were starting to colour  and the whole scene caught my eye.

Watercolour, 17 by 23cm


On a walk in Hagley park, I saw  an older birch-like tree with a big strong trunk next to the Avon. When I looked through the undergrowth I saw the lonely punter pushing his boat. The shadows on the trunk and the flash of colour amidst all the green and brown caught my eye and stayed in my memory.

Watercolour, 20 by 16.5cm

The Groynes 3

This is the third sketch of the Groynes, showing the area. Together, the three sketches giving an impression of the different sights.

Watercolour, 17 by 24cm

The Groynes 2

Walking in the Groynes I came upon a little stream . The water was very still, not a ripple, and partly covered with duck weed and other plants.

The reflection of the sky in the water and the dark flaxes near the water caught my eye and stayed in my memory.

Watercolour, 17 by 24cm

The Groynes: view from walkway

On a lovely sunny day I went for a walk to The Groynes. There were lovely ponds, walkways, trees, bush and waterfowl.

This is a view over a pond from one of the walkways. I liked the view through the dark branchlets over the water to the trees. The opposites of lush greenery and the bare tracings of the stems.

Watercolour, 17 by 24cm

At the Lake

After a visit to Little River, I stopped at a lookout over a lake. The sun was shining on the pebbly shore. Trees made strong shadows and the lake water streamed in between stones, mud and sand. On the opposite shore grew trees and scrub and paddocks were interlaced with little gullies. Lots of birds on the water made tiny dots.

Watercolour, 21 by 28cm