View towards the Kaikouras

Watching the view from the top of the gondola, a mist came in. It obscured most of the low lying areas, but the hills and the snowy tops were in the light.  It was interesting to see the mist creep slowly forward, leaving mainly the higher points and stronger colours visible.
Sketch, pen and watercolour, 10 by 15cm

From near Petone’s wharf

While having lunch, I enjoyed the view towards Wellington. The gulls flying on and off looking for food and squabbling, the waiving grass and the darker sand, the hills across the water all made a lovely view. Here is a quick sketch of it.
Pen and watercolour sketch, 10 by 15cm

Along the Remutaka Rail Trail

On a cloudy, occasionally drizzly day, I walked along the early beginning of the Remutaka Rail Trail. Sometimes it was so cloudy that most of the landscape was grey and then the sun would peep through. On such a sunny moment I saw this view for a short time. The light green of the field framed by trees and hills stayed with me. Here is my representation of that view.
Watercolour, 15 by 16cm

Autumn on the Avon

One day I walked in the park, crossing the Avon river.  Looking out over the river the reflections of the autumn colours in the Avon caught my eye. The yellows and browns, contrasting with the evergreens in the soft sunlight, were reflected in the water. A canoeist was also watching the view; he had his oars out of the water and was slowly gliding through the water. This is my interpretation of the scene.
Watercolour, 14.5 by 18.5cm

Before the deluge

On a Friday, driving through the city, I saw the threatening sky against autumn trees. Some trees and shrubs were already bare, some still held yellow and brown leaves. The yellow against the purple grey sky caught my eye . This is my memory of that impression.
Watercolour, 19.5 by 15cm

Along the Avon

One day, walking back through Christchurch to the bus exchange, I saw this view of the Avon. The white of the steps, the bridge and the tall building at the back repeated in the sunlight patches on the water caught my eye. I liked the rhythm of the lines and light.
Watercolour, 14.5 by 19.5cm

Fog rolling in

On a trip up the gondola, the weather started to change.  Fog was rolling in and the landscape was disappearing. Now and again glimpses of the landscape pop up and disappear again.  This is my memory of that view
Watercolour, 17 by 20cm