Pauatahanui 2

After visiting a bird-hide at Pauatahanui and sketching it, I also did a watercolour. I was trying to get depth and also the grey sky reflected in the water.  Some of the water streamed faster and created patterns, which was interesting to watch, as of course were the birds, whose black plumage stood out in the greyed landscape.
Watercolour, 23 by 17cm


On a holiday trip to the North Island we went to a nature reserve near Pauatahanui.  We did a wetlands walk that had bird hides to observe the birds. This sketch was quickly done from one of them.
Pen and watercolour wash, 14.5 by 10.5cm

Broken chain

When walking along Brighton beach I found some mussel shells. They were altogether in a short stretch of sand. Further on were only a few broken bits to find. So probably the currents take them to a small area. Bigger shells on one end, much smaller ones further on and then the damaged ones and the broken bits. I walked up and down the beach but found them only in that small area. There were no really big ones. It made me pause to think why that could be…
Pens and watercolour, 18 by 25cm

What is coming?

While walking on Brighton Beach one sunny day, the sky changed very quickly and  when I looked north, clouds started to form. The dark macrocarpas behind the dunes stood in stark contrast against the clouds. I wanted to capture that moment.
Watercolour sketch, 18 by 21cm

Best of 2018 – first place

Your favourite painting for 2018 was Shells:

Watercolour, 17 by 19cm

Best of 2018- 2nd place

Your second equal favourites for 2018 were “Early flowers”, “Wetlands” and “Still life with stripey towel”:

Watercolour and watercolour pencil, 28 by 38cm

Pen and wash, 15 by 10cm

Watercolour and watercolour pencil, 28 by 38cm

Best of 2018 – 3rd place

Your third favourite painting for 2018 was Rose hips:

Watercolour, 14 by 17cm