An autumn tree in a cemetery on a windy, cold, autumn day, with rainclouds threatening, catching a moment of sunshine.
The contrasts caught my eye. The sun and threatening clouds, the movements of branches, twigs and leaves and the stillness of the gravestones. Lights and darks, life and death.

Watercolour, 20 by 29cm


First light 2

Another try to show a beautiful dawn. A little more light, so a slightly later view.

Watercolour, 22 by 29cm

First light 1

A while back I woke up very early in the morning and looked outside. The sun was just coming up and the sky was coloured in gold, orange and red. It was a glorious sight. The buildings, shrubs and trees looked almost spooky in this first glimpse of morning light. I went outside and watched till the light took over.  This is a watercolour I did, to try to show the glory of those colours.

Watercolour, 15 by 23cm

View over Bay #3

View over Bay #2

Variations on view towards Peninsula: View over Bay #1

I did some sketches from the top of the gondala and from the road along from Lyttleton.  I used these to try and do some watercolour variations. This is number one.

Watercolour, 14 by 20cm

Sun on the water

I was in a car driving along the motorway towards Wellington. The sun was coming out and glinted on the water. Part of sky and water were still grey. The colour of the water was stunning. This is my impression of the memory of that moment.

Watercolour, 14.5 by 19.5cm