Looking over an area of reeds and grasses, between trees and shrubs, I saw this view and sketched, and later painted it. The variety of greens, browns and yellows with the blue sky appealed to me. So simple a view and so peaceful.
Watercolour, 18 by 21cm

From the bird hide

On a walk at the Travis Wetlands, I came across the bird hide. I drew a quick sketch from one of the “windows”. Later at home I painted this. Paradise ducks in the foreground.

Watercolour, 19 by 21cm


One day, last weekend, we went for a walk at the Travis Wetland Nature Park. I ended up in the bird-hide and quickly sketched the view, as I had some pens and  paper with me. The weather was just changing, clouds coming in, lots of birds on the water and probably also hiding in the reeds. The mountains, with snow on them, just visible far away. That afternoon at home, I put a slight wash on my sketch. So here is my lovely view of the wetlands.
Pen and wash, 15 by 10cm

Change is coming

It was a sunny day, then dark clouds rushed in. In the foreground still happy sunshine, further back mostly greys, with some flashes of green, blue and white. Very interesting to see those contrasts so strongly and so quickly, a bit like life sometimes.

Watercolour, 22 by 15cm


Shells in red

Walking on the beach I found a whole set of simple shells, all slightly different. I put them in groupings, played with the set up till I found this three-pronged figure that gave me the movement I was looking for. I then played with the lines and came to this.
Pigment liner, watercolour marker and PITT artist pens, 17 by 19cm


Walking in the cemetery, I saw a dark pink magnolia, some parts looked almost red. The play of the shadows on grass and gravestones in the brightness of the day made for an interesting composition of opposites : dark and light, bright and dull colour, horizontals, verticals and diagonals, so I had a go at it.
Watercolour, 17 by 25cm


While walking on the beach I picked up some shells. I was intrigued by their form and started drawing. I had some ink and watercolour pens and started playing with the mixture of the shellform and the contrast in colour and line. This is the result.
Pigment liner, artist pen and watercolour marker, 17.5 by 15.5cm