While walking on the beach I picked up some shells. I was intrigued by their form and started drawing. I had some ink and watercolour pens and started playing with the mixture of the shellform and the contrast in colour and line. This is the result.
Pigment liner, artist pen and watercolour marker, 17.5 by 15.5cm


Looking at shells I was fascinated by their subtle forms and colour, so I tried to paint a few and show their subtlety, beauty and forms in this watercolour.
Water colour, 17 by 19cm

View from my window

Another sketch of the view from my window. Slightly different, every season, every day , often every hour.  Always a delight.
Pencil drawing, 20 by 28cm

A flash of red

I was experimenting with primary colours and started with some red, adding blue and yellow. I developed the dab, “flash “, of red into a sun up over a body of water theme. Using lots of water, dabbing with tissues and moving the paper, I came to this elementarry red, yellow, blue with white (from the paper) seascape.
Watercolour, 18 by 21cm


I found some orange yellow Arctotis flowers, put them in a vase and made a quick pen sketch of them with a fineliner.
Pen sketch, 20 by 28cm

Early flowers

When I was walking in the red zone I saw several shrubs already in flower. I picked a few flowers to put in a vase and to paint them. They’re a play on the primary colours red, blue and yellow, with colours running into each other to make something as happy and bright as were the flowering shrubs.
Watercolour, 22 by 22cm

Avon River

On a walk in the park: it was a crisp autumn day.  I came upon the Avon.  The bronze leaves under the tree, the brown of the trunk, in contrast with the white of the bridge and the light on the water attracted me.
Watercolour, 19 by 24cm