From the top

A quick sketch from outside at the top of the gondola. I used my new coloured pigment liners and later at home applied the watercolour wash. It was a grey day, but just at the horizon was a strip of light, very interesting to watch, constantly changing. The flax seemed very happy in its exposed position. I liked the flashes of light, the brooding sky and brown, orangey, ochre colours and wanted to play with my new liners!

Coloured pens and watercolour wash, 19 by 14.5cm

Along Kaiapoi River

Walking along the Kaiapoi River , I thought about how important family, friends and nature have been for me in this strange year of lockdowns,  social distancing, etc. And so I wish you all: A healthy, happy Christmas with loved ones, in person, on zoom or facetime, etc., and a good 2021

Watercolour, 17 by 21cm


In the last few weeks I’ve walked around several areas with ponds.  Sun and shadows, trees, shrubs, rocks and grasses, water surfaces that are open and sometimes covered with grasses, waterlillies and other plants. This painting is a compilation of all those memories of ponds.

19 by 27cm, watercolour

On the Peninsula

Driving to Akaroa, I saw this landscape.  Mostly made by nature, but modified by us humans. The hills will have been formed when the eruptions occurred that formed Akaroa harbour. The landscape was first modified by wind and water, with probably most of this landscape in native bush. Maori will have modified some of that with their farming methods. Then when Europeans arrived, they made fields for their sheep and the colours in the landscape changed to what there is now. The browner greens from native bush combined with the harsher greens of European grasses and trees. Quite a mixture.

Watercolour, 19.5 by 27cm

A low approaching

On a drive from Rangiora to Christchurch I saw the darkening sky coming over the hills. The sun was still happily shining over the plains. A tree in the foreground was still bare, while poplars in the back showed their early green. The contrasts caught my eye and later at home I painted my impression of that moment.

Watercolour, 20 by 30cm

North Wester

Driving towards Banks Peninsula, I saw the sky above a rise. A “North Wester” wind was blowing over the Plains. The sky showed the typical cloud formations. Later at home I painted my memory of that moment.

35 by 21cm, watercolour


When walking through a field of all sorts of daffodils, I wanted to remember the movement and the shadows and being there. When I came home, I painted my impression of the daffodils. I didn’t want the exact replica of the flowers. I tried to present the feel and the images I had seen while walking.

Watercolour, 17 by 21cm


When walking around the neighbourhood  and in parks I saw many daffodils in a variety  of colours. I played around with a group of different flowers and stylized them a bit and got to this pattern.

Watercolour, 18 by 18cm


On a lovely day, I walked at Mona Vale. I liked the sun, the little signs of spring, the lightness in the air. Deciduous trees were still leafless, with flowers  appearing on bare branches. There was a feeling of spring, which I tried to portray.

Watercolour, 16 by 20cm


This winter, in July, I walked along the Avon. It was a sunny afternoon and quite pleasant out. Some trees along the river were still bare but the natives, of course, kept their leaves. The winter light and reflections of the trees in the water were sharply delineated. I thought that it could make an interesting picture.

Watercolour, 17 by 24cm