Brocco scapes, two tones

I had a plate of broccoli bits, I drew and then shaded them. I wanted to see if my impression of them would change if I changed the tone I used. Hence the two similar drawings in the two different hues.

Sepia: Derwent inktense sepia pencil and wash; Grey: Derwent sketching and wash pencils; 7.5 by 12.5cm


I drew a section of a plate of corn and small pumpkins. I put in the shading on the vegetables and something like a landscape appeared. I darkened the negative shapes and applied a wash.

Pencil and wash, 18 by 14cm



As with the previous two drawings posted, I tried the same technique with an artichoke using the negative spaces in the outside of the artichoke.  I think it gave an interesting effect.

Pencil and wash with pen outline, 12 by 21 cm


Beanscapes II

This is a variant on Beanscapes I.  Here I’m trying to play more with the shading in general.

Pencil and wash with pen outline, 12 by 22cm


Beanscapes I

I saw some runner beans stacked up in a dish and thought to draw them and darken the in-between negative spaces. I took parts and redrew – they looked like landscapes – so now here are “beanscapes”.

Pencil and wash with pen outline, 12 by 22cm



Dying daisies 2

This time I wanted to just use paint on paper to play with the daisies in a jar. I put some salt on the wet paint and used an inktense pencil to strengthen some lines. I kept some areas vague to contrast them with the sharper lined areas.

Water colour, inktense pencils and salt, 14 by 24cm

Dying daisies

A few daisies past their time, in a glass jar on a table, caught my eye. I did a quick sketch and flicked some paint on it. This is the result.

Water colour sketch, 16 by 23cm