Views from a gondola

I went up on the gondola on two different days and from the walkway around the restaurant did some pen sketches. One shows the view out to the Peninsula on a still, nice day and the other is overlooking the sandspit towards New Brighton on an overcast day.  Later at home I put wash on them.  Sun changes the colour of most everything!

Pen and wash, 10 by 14cm


June’s Vase

June shared her vase at a meeting. I borrowed the vase and put Japanese Anemones in it. They looked happy and combined with a cloth made a lovely image that I had to try to portray. I wanted to play with the white on white and the airiness of the flowers.

Watercolour, 24 by 30cm

A Grey Day

On Waitangi Day, my daughter drove us towards Governor’s Bay. We picnicked along the coast and looked over at Banks Peninsula. It was a grey day, dry but cloudy and the view was a variation in greys and browns with some touches of green. The narrow palette and moodiness of the scene appealed to me.

Watercolour, 27 by 19cm

Lazy Sunday in the Park

On a lazy lovely warm Sunday, I sat on a bench in the Botanical Gardens and watched people walking, picnicking, enjoying themselves. It was a pleasant happy scene and I made a quick pen sketch. Later at home I added a wash.

Pen and wash, 10.5 by 15cm


On Waitangi Day I walked at Governors Bay.  It was a grey day. I enjoyed the view of the mudflats with the crisscrossing waterways, the gleaming puddles and the forms and colours of grasses and flaxes with Banks Peninsula in the background.  I wanted to try to paint the opposites, strong and soft colours, straight lines and flowing ones, showing depth and distance, making patterns.

Watercolour, 24 by 14.5cm



A few weeks back I went to the Christchurch art gallery and saw a presentation : The Physical Garden, about the legacy of plants women used. The Peony was one of the flowers in the presentation. On my way home I found a Gingko twig. Gingko is sometimes used for memory. I put them together and played. I tried to project sadness, inventiveness and hope all in a simple picture.

Watercolour and watercolour pencils, 26 by 39cm


Rose hips


Close to where I live is a park with old roses. Some of the rose bushes are now covered in rose hips, all different sizes and forms. I was intriqued by these ones, which are elongated and rather elegant. I did a sketch and then made a little painting, trying to oppose straight and rounded lines, and kept to a small number of colours.

Watercolour, 14 by 17cm